Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crochet it up! Hair Ties and Headbands

                        Scrunchies are back!!!
Ok maybe they're not making a comeback yet but it was still fun to give my old hair ties and headbands a quick makeover.  Here's the tutorial...

Materials: hair tie (the thicker the easier), crochet hook (3.5-5mm), yarn and scissors.  Oh and a big embroidery/crochet needle which I apparently forgot to put in the picture.

Tie a slip knot around the hair tie

Hold the two strands of yarn between your fingers.  
The loose end strand will be incorporated into the stitches
 so you won't have to tuck it in later.

Insert crochet hook under the hair tie and catch the two strands

Pull the yarn back through the hair tie and up to
 form a loop next to the slip knot

Yarn over 

Pull through the loop you made

Now you have ond stitch on the hair tie

Start a new stitch by inserting the hook back through the hair tie

Now continue to complete a stitch just like the first stitch

Continue to stitch around the entire hair tie, making sure to pack the stitches in
but not so tight that you're stretching the hair tie.

Find the first stitch and insert hook, pull through the loop 
already on the hook to form a slip stitch.  
Cut the yarn and feed the end through the 
loop and pull tight to finish off.

Thread the yarn through the embroidery needle

Insert needle inside of 4 or more stitches

Skip over the last stitch the yarn was pulled through (this will tether the yarn) 
and then feed the needle back through the rest of the stitches. 
Pull until yarn is secure and cut excess.  

And now you have a simple but fun hair tie.  I noticed they actually 
stay in my hair really well and I love them to go around buns.

Use the same technique to embellish a plain stretchy headband and add a flower!


  1. I love the look of it. I'll definitely give it a try sometime!
    I really like the look of it from the bun.

  2. Super cute. I'm definitely going to do it.

  3. Does it limit the amount that it will stretch? Really cute!

  4. Going to try this and repost. Awesome.


  5. very cute, easy way to dress up a plain elastic!

  6. Super cute idea! I tried making some crocheted head bands but didn't like how loose they were, this is a great idea to fix that!

  7. that is awesome!!! the possibilities!

  8. love it! what yarn is the colorful hair tie?

  9. My mother and grandmother use this technique for old wire hangers to make non-slip hanger for clothes.